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Travel Edition: Amalfi Coast

Scenic Italian views and tastes from the Amalfi Coast  After leaving Basel behind, where my cousin...

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Travel Edition: Paris & Basel

Continuing our Journey through Europe Leaving Reykjavík behind (read more about the Icelandic...

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Travel Edition: Reykjavík Food & Other Icelandic Things

Interesting Icelandic Food Finds in Reykjavík When booking our Europe trip earlier this year,...

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Our German Wedding Entrée: Kalbsröllchen

Veal Roll-Ups Stuffed with Mozzarella and Sundried Tomatoes This Post May Contain Affiliate Links...

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Missouri Wine, Weck jars & Jam

Strawberry Rhubarb Elderflower Jam This Post May Contain Affiliate Links Last weekend we made the...

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The heart of any good German breakfast…

I just got to spend a full 7 days with my family in Berlin. The time with them was sweet, and the...

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Crab Races, Brambles & Reef Sharks

The Maldives were a perfect escape from the stress, anxiety and excitement of planning two amazing...

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Castles, Love & Shooting Stars

August is the month when the love of my life and I exchanged vows in the most breathtaking and...

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And born was dirndl kitchen!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Once upon a time… …there was a stubborn wonderful German...

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Behind dirndl kitchen

dirndl kitchen author Sophie in black dirndl dress with flower crown


I am Sophie and I am German.

When I first moved to the United States in 2009, I felt very deprived of the German way of eating. To this date, I still miss German cake and coffee time at 3 p.m., so I decided to educate my fellow American friends by writing about German customs and food… which of course involves a ton of cooking, converting of grams to ounces and cups, and drinking of Paulaner Hefeweizen! …read more