2 Years of Cooking and Eating lots of German Food

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2 years ago, I had an idea driven by homesickness. I asked myself “what if I could create a platform for people with German interest or background to be able to feel “at home?” Well it turns out I could! I’ve always had an intimate relationship with food, and to me it is one of the most fascinating ways to learn about other cultures, so it only felt natural to experiment with and write about one of my biggest passions, food. And born was “dirndl kitchen.” I love what my blog has turned into, and am hoping and working for so much more in the future!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support because while I have always loved cooking, naturally I have tackled my fair share of challenges along the way. These include arguments with my husband who for the longest time did not want to understand why I have to take pictures of food. Luckily I love a good challenge and persistence is my middle name, so I was able to hold true to this year’s New Year’s resolution of putting out a new blog post every single week (yup – so far, so good!). A special thanks also to my extremely talented friend and photographer Sarah Sweeney (please check out her website!), who took some time out of her day to snap some great photos of me in my new dirndl! 

I also started my first collaborations with a few great companies this year (meaning paid work!), which has been so fun and rewarding! And yes, my husband has learned that this has become more than just a hobby, and has become more willing to resist the alluring smells in the air for just a few minutes longer while I finish up pictures (I love you).

Here’s to another year of great German food, fun and giveaways! I hope you enjoy the new website! If you have any suggestions, feedback or ideas, I would love for you to send me a quick note! And if you haven’t subscribed, I would love to surprise you with new German food and recipes every week – please click here to subscribe!

Please also watch out for a Fall Flammkuchen (German flatbread) to hit my blog this Thursday! It’s the perfect cozy-but-light meal to get you into the cooler months!

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