It All Started Back in December

We were visiting my family in Germany, spending Christmas and New Year’s with them. We limited ourselves to lots of family time and little traveling around, only because our previous trip in August had been so busy that I felt like I needed a time-out after we retuned to the US. So Christmas time we wanted to relax, eat good food, and simply recharge from all the craziness that was awaiting us back home; a little background for you: I had just completed training to start my own college planning business, going full time in January, and we were full throttle finalizing our plan to build a new house, which is now underway. But there was another surprise in store for us while we were in Germany: we found out that we would become first time parents!

3 Tests Later…

It was somewhat fun finding out, kidnapping my sister with the excuse that I needed to see her new apartment, only so we could stop at a grocery store on the way to pick up a pregnancy test (one of 3 I ended up taking!). She was a bit shocked when I first told her I wanted to pick up a test and even more shocked when it was positive. I don’t think she was realizing that we were old (and mostly mature) enough to take on such a huge responsibility (we are 29-year-old twin sisters). I stayed pretty calm however, trying to figure out how we would keep it a secret for a few more days (you need to understand that I was drinking alcohol every single day up to that point, so hiding that was not going to be easy!), so I could surprise the rest of my family at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

dirndl kitchen dirndl mama baby announcement 2018

“Alles Gute im neuen Jahr, Oma!”

… was how I announced it to the very first person on New Year’s Eve, my mom (translating to “Happy New Year, grandma!”). Tears followed an initial deep stare of disbelief and a verbal confirmation from me that I was pregnant. My dad took it like a champ (not sure he thought I was for real at first). My step mom then added that she will be the youngest grandma ever at 38 years old, and I then realized that my brother Oscar will be a 6-year-old uncle! We are so excited for this new addition to our family, and believe that our pomsky Bolt will make a great, big brother!

A fun announcement photo shoot!

A couple of months ago, I got into contact with, a German company that I have bought several dirndl dresses from in the past (visit their Instagram page here!). Turns out they were more than happy to send my husband and I free outfits for the German-themed announcement, which we thought was so generous and amazing (since I would have spent the money on a new dirndl anyways!). I completely recommend them for your dirndl and lederhosen needs as they offer truly authentic options that are both up to date with the newest fashion trends AND affordable. The shipping is also super fast and they only charge a flat rate of €29.95 for international shipping!

I also got my very talented friend Sarah Sweeney to take some time out of her busy life with a 2-year-old to capture a few, fun snaps (see more photos below)! Make sure to also check out her Instagram page and give her a well-deserved follow! <3



My new blog “dirndl mama” coming soon!

Expecting a child comes with a lot of crazy body changes and I am pretty sure it rewires your brain to become scared about anything you do in life. Knowing that you foodies wouldn’t be able to tolerate too much prego lady or mom talk, I want to add a new “branch” to the dirndl hood, naming it “dirndl mama.” With it, I am aiming at shaping a community of intercultural women becoming moms and raising kids in expat circumstances like I am, focusing on a German perspective on pregnancy and parenting. I am super excited about this new blogging perspective and am planning to share experiences during and after pregnancy, maternity fashion, maternity fitness and of course food during and after pregnancy (but don’t expect to just see German food!). “dirndl mama” will be a personal lifestyle blog, for which I am inviting you to chip in and share in on your experiences! Please stay tuned for the big launch and in the meantime, follow me on my new Instagram page @dirndl_mama!