Amidst my own wedding planning, work, blogging, and hundreds of ClassPass visits, I recently also said yes to the incredible honor and challenge of becoming a first time bridesmaid. While this added role doesn’t necessarily decrease my overall stress level, it selfishly also give me jittery high’s for my own wedding. It’s hard to keep up with a girl – my friend Jessica, the bride – whose wedding has been planned to about 90 percent BEFORE the engagement ever happened..!

Never mind the fact that I am attempting to put together two events – our castle wedding in Germany followed by an urban Kansas City reception just 3 weeks later – I felt the sudden urge to plan a quick engagement party for Jessica and her fiancé Geoff to celebrate their love (and mainly their foresight and planning ahead when it comes to their own wedding..!).

Mutual friends were recruited and spaces were found, cupcakes were baked, and soon thereafter we had us almost everything we needed to make a party happen. Add a million carat diamond shaped ballon, 100 mini glitter rings, and let the fun begin!

Prost to Jessica & Geoff – I will be deeply disappointed if your wedding is not more perfect than mine! 😉

DSC_0219 DSC_0225 DSC_0226 The Bride: Jessica!

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