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EASY Donut Hole Recipe (Quarkbällchen)

These little quark donut holes or Quarkbällchen can be found anywhere in Germany where Fastnacht, Fasching or carnival is found.

German Lentil Recipe (Linsen mit Spätzle)

My Oma Sieghilde knew what’s good! Here an heirloom family recipe: Linsen mit Spätzle (Lentils with German Egg Noodles).

How to make Donuts (German Berliner)

Let me teach you how to make donuts, the German way! Berliner, Krapfen, Kreppel, Pfannkuchen… the German donut is just perfect!

German Potato Salad with Würstchen

Germans love a good German potato salad recipe with Würstchen (Wiener sausages) on Christmas Eve. Kartoffelsalat mit Würstchen is a simple, stress-free meal that can be made ahead of time and that everybody loves!

German Apple Cinnamon Rolls: Apfelschnecken

Apfelschnecken are just what you needed in your German-pastry-missing life! They’re German Apple Cinnamon rolls (and I layered mine with marzipan).

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