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One of the many things I look forward to the most when visiting home is the happy smell of freshly roasted and brewed coffee in the morning coupled with the smell of just-out-of-the-oven bread and mouthwatering pastries…

…all while preparing the “breakfast table” for a nice and hearty German breakfast. If not everyone is making a little family trip to the bakery and butcher shop together, I will usually be tasked with boiling the eggs (a real German breakfast egg has a runny yolk & firm egg white) and finding the perfect ratio of coffee grinds to water, while my mom and/or twin sister make their way to shopping for the essentials of a German breakfast: crispy baked rolls and seasonal pastries from the bakery in town, fresh meats from the local butcher, accompanied by freshly sliced cheeses and some fruit for a refreshing vitamin kick!

Since moving to the US, I have been attempting off and on to bring an authentic German breakfast to the table, but the excitement is usually dampened by the non-competetive selection of breads, meats and cheeses found here – they just can’t keep up with “made in Germany!” Luckily, there are a few places closeby (including a small bakery with amazing, yet expensive, croissants!… for those days when I don’t feel like spending 2 days making my own croissants) at which we can find a variety of meats and cheeses, as well as local Farm to Market bread.  Although it’s not a perfect substitution, it’s approximating the real deal close enough to make me feel right at home…

It’s all about improvising until I get to be home again in August for our castle nuptials at Burg Rheinstein..! But if I can successfully bring Germany to America one step at a time, maybe my Fernweh (a German word for “far pain,” meaning missing some place far away!) will become less and my family will come visit more.

Until August, my beloved Germany!

Yours truly,

Sophie oxo

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Deutsches Frühstück German Breakfast


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